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Pontypridd Men’s Shed

An exciting new community project has been launched in Treforest under the banner “Pontypridd Men’s Shed”

Formerly known as the “Dewi Sant Men’s Shed” the Treforest based project was formed when the Dewi Sant members were finding it increasingly difficult to continue. Dewi Sant Men’s Shed spokesman Dave Edwards said: “Following the death of Paul Nagle, a valued member who was our mentor and leader we were struggling to continue. “We were given much needed assistance by Men’s Shed Project Manager Robert Visintainer before the Town Council offered their support which we have gratefully accepted. “Dewi Sant Men’s Shed members would like to offer sincere thanks to the Taff Ely Primary Care Cluster Group in partnership with Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board for providing us with a facility at the hospital.”

Based in the Taff Meadow Community Centre the aims of Pontypridd Men’s Shed are to encourage and support people in the community who feel the need to be involved in a project which offers opportunities to become engaged in a range of activities while also forging friendships.
Dave Edwards said: “The Taff Meadow Community Centre is an ideal location for the Shed members, also known as Shedders, and the ever growing membership is looking forward to the many planned activities in store”.

Men’s Shed is a non profit world wide initiative with members from all walks of life creating a bond that unites them as men with time on their hands who would like to do something meaningful to do with that time.
The Movement originated in Australia aimed at ways to improve the health and wellbeing of older men. The project helps reduce loneliness and isolation, but most Importantly, they’re fun. Such is the growing popularity of Men’s Sheds that Swansea City Opera are planning to produce an opera about the Movement called “Shoulder to Shoulder”.

The new venture has been fully supported by Pontypridd Town Council and Chief Executive Tony Graham said: “The Council is delighted to be able to help develop and promote the project across the Pontypridd Town Council area”.
Gardening and woodworking activities along with talks by guest speakers are among a range of activities on offer and a warm welcome will be given to anyone who would like to drop in on the weekly meetings at the Taff Meadow Community Centre.

Pontypridd Men’s Shed hold their meetings at the Taff Meadow Community Centre, Broadway, Treforest, every Wednesday from 10am until noon and for more information contact 07807 335201 or 07854 061205.