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Local Walking Group Raises £2,000 on a 12 Hour Walkathon!

A local walking group established by Ellie Johnson completed a 12-hour walkathon, raising over £2,000 in the process!

It was a warm day on the 30th of April when Ellie and her team set off. The route started at Cilfynydd Rugby Club and formed a loop
to Cilfynydd Memorial, Llanfabon Hill, Llanfabon Pub, back down to the Rugby Club and then back around!

We caught up with Ellie and she had this to say.
“There was so much support, it was a fantastic day. We had people turning up taking on a loop around their day and 10 walkers
went the whole 12 hours!”

“I’d been posting all over social media for weeks leading up to the big day. From the moment we set off to the minute we finished,
the support was amazing!”

Supporters turned up throughout the day, bringing refreshments including drinks, food, ice lollies, plasters and offering their
encouragement and support.

The money raised goes back into the community towards, Christmas shops, meat and veg hampers and other projects in the
Cilfynydd and Trallwn Community.

When asked if this would become an annual event, Ellie said:
“Yes it will be a yearly event to raise vital funds for the community, I can’t wait for the next one and hope to see more people there,
whether you’ll be walking or supporting, you’re all very welcome to join us”

The Forever Friends Group meet regularly for walks around the local area, if you’d like to tag along, you can reach out to Ellie via
the Forever Friends Facebook & Instagram Pages.

A massive well done to all those involved!